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  Some Activities Your Children Can Try On Their Own.
NIE for the Family
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1. Have your child cut out pictures of faces, clothing, hands and feet and then arrange them to create funny people.

2. Have your child cut out letters from the newspaper to spell his or her name. Then paste the name on a sign or poster to display. Your child might also try to spell the names of other people in the family, perhaps making a place mat for each.

3. Challenge your child to look through the food ads to find products that could be combined into a new and unusual sandwich. (Or suggest coming up with a new horrible-tasting sandwich!)

4. Have your child choose a picture from the newspaper. Your child might draw a picture of what happened just before the picture was taken and another of what happened after.

5. Check the entertainment ads in the newspaper for movies or concerts. Choose a place you would like to go as a family. Ask your child to figure out the cost of having all family members attend.

6. Have your child create a scrapbook of stories, pictures, ads or comics that are of interest.

7. Ask your child to write a letter to a family member or friend who lives in another city. Share with that person local news and events that have been gathered from the newspaper.

8. Have your child create a comic strip showing a family event.

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