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  Talk, Read, Think Together; Activities for Early Readers
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1. Find a newspaper picture that interests both of you. Tell your child, in story form, about what happened in the picture. Stop occasionally and ask, "Then what do you think happened?" Ask your child to make up a different story. Or talk about what might have happened before or after the picture was taken.

2. Cut out some favorite comics. Cut the captions off and ask your child to tell you a story about the pictures. Ask questions like, "Did something like that ever happen to you?" and "What do you think happens next?" or cut the comic strip into individual pictures and ask your child to put them in order, showing what happened first, second and third.

3. Look for pictures that show people 's facial expressions and emotions. Look at photos and advertisements. Ask your child how each person feels. Then ask questions like, "What makes you happy?" "What makes you sad?" Look for pictures that make your child feel happy and sad. Ask, "Why does this picture make you feel that way?"

4. Look for a picture of a person your child would recognize (the president, a famous athlete, a rock star, a police officer or fire fighter, etc.) Talk together about what these people do. You might ask, "Why is this person 's picture in the newspaper? What is happening in the picture?"

5. Read the newspaper 's weather forecast to your child. Look for pictures that illustrate different weather conditions. Look at the forecast for tomorrow and help your child select appropriate clothes to wear. Or use the weather map to learn more about weather in other places, for example, "What is the weather like where Grandpa lives?"

6. Read the TV listings together. Help your child choose a program for the whole family to watch. Ask, "Why did you choose this program for the whole family? What show would you choose to watch by yourself?" Look for ads about upcoming programs. Ask, "What do you think that show will be about? Do you think it will be fun to watch?"

7. Have your child cut out coupons from the newspaper. Ask the child to sort the coupons into categories - cleaning products, snacks, breakfast cereals and so on. Or the child might sort the coupons according to size, color, value - or whether the child likes the products mentioned. As you make out your shopping list, have your child select the coupons you will need.

8. Using the newspaper's food section, choose a recipe with your child. Prepare it together, asking your child to help you read the directions. Then serve it to family or friends.

9. Have your child choose an object pictured in the newspaper and describe it to you. See if you can correctly identify it based on your child 's description. Switch roles and repeat.

10. Pretend your child has money to spend at the grocery store. Have your child look at grocery ads and cut out prices for different foods: meats, fruits, vegetables and breads. Help your child find at least two items in each group that your family might enjoy. Together, total your "purchases." How much money did you "spend"?

11. Look through the comics and have your child choose a favorite character. Ask, "How are you like this character? How are you different?"

12. Play a game with the index section of the newspaper. Read it with your child; or have the child read it to you. Have your child locate each section as you call out the page numbers.

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