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1. Ask your child to cut out a picture of a famous athlete, movie star, politician or other person he or she would like to meet. Ask, "What would you say to this person? What do you think this person would say to you?"

2. Find a story or picture of a group of people who need help (for example, victims of a fire or flood, the homeless, people in a hospital). Talk about ways your family might help by spending time, sharing talents or even contributing money.

3. Look through the classified employment section with your child. Find jobs held by family, friends and neighbors: teacher, secretary, construction worker, messenger, driver. Read and talk about the kind of duties these positions require. Ask your child to find a few positions he/she would enjoy. Ask why.

4. Look through your newspaper for a review of a movie that would interest your child. Read and discuss it together. Ask, "Does this sound like a movie we would enjoy? Why do you think you would like it? Have you seen any other movies or television shows or read any books that sound similar?"

5. Find stories in the newspaper that express two different points of view. Talk about the issue from both points of view. Ask if your child feels strongly about one of the positions.

6. Select an editorial that treats a problem that may have some effect on your family. Determine the opinion of the newspaper on the problem. Discuss the opinions of members of the family on the issue.

7. Read an article with your child about a person who has broken the law. Ask, "What has this person done? What might happen to the person? Is the law a good one?"

8. Have your child pretend to be a cook for one day. Ask your child to use the food section of the newspaper to help plan the meals. Remind the young cook to take advantage of coupons and sale items. Set a limit as to how much money can be spent on food purchases and have your child create a grocery list for what you will need to buy. Ask your child to help prepare the meal.

9. Go through the advertisements in the newspaper with your child, identifying slogans, pictures or key words that attract attention and influence decisions to buy. Ask, "Are any of the products advertised ones that we use at home? Are there any that you think we should try? Why or why not?"

10. Find news articles, pictures and advertisements in the newspaper that you think would tell about life today. Imagine that you and your child are responsible for preparing a scrapbook that you will give to your grandchildren. Include things that you have in your own home - or that are common in people 's homes today.

11. Ask your child to look through the newspaper for pictures or stories about people from different cultures or ethnic backgrounds. Compare your customs with theirs. Talk about customs or other ethnic groups your family might enjoy.

12. Ask your child to look for the "jumps" or continuations of the stories on the newspaper 's front page. Have the child match the identifying subtitles, page numbers and column numbers. Make it a game; see how quickly your child is able to locate these continuations.

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