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Newspapers are great for kids of all ages. Even young children enjoy photographs and comics. Early readers can read the large print in headlines and ads. And what child doesn 't enjoy just talking with a parent? Special time alone together will go a long way to promote positive attitudes toward learning.

This section of our website includes activities that will help you talk, read and think with your child. Try some activities from each group. Some days a child my be more interested in reading, while other days a "talk together" activity may be more fun.

Your understanding of your child 's interests will help you select activities that will be most appealing to your child.

Newspapers can help build the habit of daily reading in your child. Try to read aloud to your child every day. Ask grandparents, neighbors or older brothers and sisters to help. Ask your child to read something to you.

Any time you can find time to talk with your children will help develop communication skills. Think about talking with your child while you are doing household chores. You might do this as you wash the dishes, sort the laundry, rake the lawn or wash the car.

You may want to scale down the newspaper with young children. Do this by using only one section at a time.

Show off the results of your child 's efforts. Many families have a permanent "art gallery" on the refrigerator door; you might also encourage your child to share projects with grandparents, friends and neighbors.

Establish a comfortable place for your newspaper activities. Point out parts of the newspaper that may be of special interest to your child.  Make clean-up a regular routine.

Show that reading is important for all members of the family. Keep a variety of reading materials available in your home.

Use short, frequent periods for the activities described in this publication, rather than working with your child for occasional, extended periods. If your child shows no interest, try again another day.

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