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Features of the Program

Guaranteed Classroom Delivery
E-editions of the newspapers are available online by 6:00AM.

NIE Connections

NIE Connections, is created weekly and delivered on Tuesdays to teachers registering their classes for e-editions through the NIE Sponsorship Programs of the Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer. The weekly tab contains The Mini Page, a serialized story chapter, e-edition lessons and timely information from NIE supplements.

reality – every Thursday
Published every Thursday, reality speaks the language of teens. You get advice and information on all the issues - school issues, life issues and real issues. You get fashion news, fresh music reviews, concert information, tips on where to go and what to do for cheap. Written by local high school students, reality is teens speaking to teens about issues of importance to them.

National Newspaper Week
During the first full week in October, students have the opportunity to celebrate freedom of the press and learn the important role of the local newspaper. It’s a great time to develop a news reading habit and become a lifelong learner.

NIE Week
The International Reading Association, the National Council for the Social Studies and the Newspaper Association of America Foundation co-sponsor this annual week chosen to increase awareness of the newspaper as an educational tool. New curriculum materials enhance learning with e-editions during the first full week of March.

Create an Ad / Write an Editorial Project
Students compete for publication in this annual contest by creating advertisements for local businesses. Registration information is mailed directly to schools in January. Students work on the project during February. The project culminates with a publication featuring the winning entries.

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