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2011-2012 Serialized Stories/Weekly Series

Menace on House Creek Trail
Written by Elizabeth McDavid Jones; Illustrated by Roel Wielinga
Wednesdays, September 14-December 21

About the Story
This mystery story is as nearly perfect as an NIE serial can be. It’s an entertaining read and it teaches a great deal of history. It’s about a wagon train headed West and a newspaper article is a big part of the mystery.

About the Author
Elizabeth McDavid Jones is the author of five historical novels from the acclaimed American Girl HISTORY MYSTERY series. In 2000, she received an Edgar Allan Poe Award for the THE NIGHT FLYERS (1999). Her latest release, GHOST LIGHT ON GRAVEYARD SHOAL (2003), was an Agatha Award finalist. When not writing, Liz stays busy with her four children, her “surfin” husband, and a very large, unruly, brown dog.

About the Illustrator: Roel Wielinga studied child psychology and development, and then worked in illustration and graphic design for 20 years while serving in the United States Air Force. He now follows his artistic passions through illustration and portraiture.

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Wired World-Wired Kids-Wired Safety
Written by Art Wolinsky; Illustrated by Clyde Blakely   
Wednesdays, January 4-February 29

About the Story
This series follows two sisters through a series of online adventures. Meg, Alice, and their friends learn about being safe online while communicating efficiently and effectively. These teenagers are charter members of the Net generation. While they might have been born with a mouse in their hands, they still have a few things to learn about communicating and collaborating safely, efficiently and effectively on the Internet. Follow them as they join WiredSafety's Teenangels, learn that they might not be as safe as they think, encounter a cyber bully, create safe social networking profiles, use the web to help a friend, and create public service announcements to help keep kids safe online. Included are newspaper and online activities. Much of the series was designed to compliment the online activities at

Get Fit and Go Active Series  
Written by Pat Croce
Wednesdays, March 8-June 14                     

Getting kids committed to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the goal of this energetic supplement. It is written with a hip, kid-friendly attitude by Pat Croce, a nationally-known fitness educator and motivator who was president of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. This 15-part series focuses on nutrition and physical fitness.

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